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Smart Cities : What’s The Channel Opportunity?

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Oct , 8
Smart Cities : What’s The Channel Opportunity?

We look at some of the channel’s smart city initiatives and examine the opportunities for partners

“Microsoft Gold and Inner Circle AI-Partner and business enablement firm deFacto Global has plans to launch a new artificial intelligence (AI)-focused consulting and development practice and the first AI Center of Excellence, in upstate New York.

CEO Bob Bedard sees AI revolutionizing the industry, and says deFacto Global is already embracing the coming future by integrating AI-enabled technology into its programs.

“Cities stand to benefit from AI in a wide range of areas,” Bedard tells Channelnomics, listing several examples:

  • Stop-light-mounted cameras/sensors scanning the number of cars that typically move through an intersection, then build predictive models married to real time data to constantly optimize traffic flow.
  • Using sensors and AI to control lights along the path of an ambulance/fire truck/police car rushing through intersections.
  • To better manage street parking, predictive maintenance of streets and equipment, optimize services like snow removal, energy usage of public buildings, et cetera.
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