AI Center of Excellence
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AI Center of Excellence

AICoE | AI Capital District

AICOE Services

AI Education + Envisioning Space

The heart of the AICOE is our Education + Envisioning space. Functioning as a forum for live AI events, lectures, and conferences, in addition to educational workshops - the space is poised to provide learning opportunities for those within the AI industry and the local community.

AI CO-WORKING Environment

Co-working environment designed to support individual work habits to promote productivity and best practices. Additionally, plans for a fully configurable, AI sensory venue are in the works to provide employees with a unique, individualized workplace experience.

AI Hardware Development Lab

Our lab space is designed to foster hardware innovation for creative AI Solutions. Geared toward Start-Up's in need of a space for prototype creation to value realization.

Start Up Incubation + Nurturing

The home for all things AI Media related - videos, movies, podcasts, news stories - all in one place with easy accessibility to the most informative, interesting AI media and news.

AI Ethics + Policy

Dedicated to a holistic approach to AI - the AICOE will be the forerunner of AI Ethics + Policy research in New York State. Working in conjunction with Academia and policy makers, the AICOE will be the hub of AI Ethics research to help foster responsible AI creation, actualization and implementation.

AI Cafe

Our open air, street level cafe will serve as a gathering place and a bridge, between AI technologies and the vibrant community of downtown Troy, NY.

AI Center | Community Outreach Programs

AI Center of Excellence

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