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19 3rd St | History

19 3rd St | History

Troy, Ny is a city rich with history and intrigue – from the Industrial Revolution to the emergence of the Technological Revolution, it has found itself uniquely situated as a stage for worldwide transformation. The AICoE is dedicated to contributing to that legacy of transformation.

The AICoE is located in the heart of downtown Troy, and has a unique history of it’s own. Follow the timeline below to learn more about 19 3rd St, and the ongoing evolution of this space

  • 1871

    1871 - Construction of the First Masonic Lodge Begins

    Construction of the 1st Troy, NY Masonic Lodge began in 1871.  The original building occupied the spaces between 15-17 3rd Street.  The Architect commissioned was Leopold Eidlitz.  The carpentry contract […]

  • 1872

    1872 - Construction of the First Masonic Lodge Complete

    Construction of Troy’s first Masonic Temple is completed. The first meeting is held on April 4, 1872 and the Cornerstone is laid in August. The building is used by the […]

  • 1872
      to 1924

    1872 to 1924 - Building Use During 1872-1924

    During the period of 1872-1924 the building was occupied by several business and masonic entities. The 1st floor of the building was rented out to Boston based retailer,Maynard, Nourse & […]

  • 1924

    1924 - Building Destroyed By Fire

    The original building of the Troy Masonic Hall Association was destroyed by fire on February 4, 1924.  The fire destroyed the temple and the library which housed invaluable records and […]

  • 1927

    1927 - New Masonic Building

    Construction of the new Masonic building begins in 1927 at the 19 3r street location. The land was purchased from Henrietta Cramer.  The architects commissioned to build the new structure […]

  • 1929

    1929 - Construction of New Masonic Hall Completed

    The construction of the new Masonic Hall at 19 3rd St is completed.  

  • 1929
      to 1957

    1929 to 1957 - Building Use Between 1929-1957

    The Masonic Hall continues to host various local lodges and Masonic events.

  • 1957

    1957 - Building Ravaged By Fire

    On December 6, 1957 the Masonic Hall caught fire, damaging the main staircase as well as precious ceremonial items and decorations.  Clayton Allendorph, the nightwatchman passed away on the second […]

  • 1958

    1958 - Masonic Hall Reopens

    The restored Masonic Hall formally reopens on Monday, June 9 1958 and the opening was celebrated with an Open House attended by 1000 visitors from around the state. Full renovations […]

  • 1958
      to 1973

    1958 to 1973 - Masonic Hall Use from 1958-1973

    The newly renovated Masonic Hall continued to be used by various lodges and chapters within the local Masonic Community up until 1973, when the building was then purchased by Urban […]

  • 1973
      to 2019

    1973 to 2019 - Building Use Between 1973-2019

    Since the purchase of the Masonic Hall in 1973 by Urban Renewal, the building has been under the ownership of Rensselaer County and has housed the county senior center, providing […]

  • 2019

    2019 - The AI Center of Excellence

    In 2019 the building was purchased from Rensselaer County to house the AI Center of Excellence – the Capital Region hub for AI-Focused projects and initiatives. The building will house […]